Environmental Monitoring


Micro-X1’s testing reveals sources of odors and contagious issues in your living and work environments. Once a space has been immunized, Micro-X1 offers regular testing to confirm that your environment remains clean and contaminant free.

Surface Testing

  • Applicable on hard and soft surfaces
  • Representative test points chosen at random
  • Measures cleaning performance and quality
  • Indicates Passing, Marginal or Failing surface sanitation levels

Air Testing

  • Laser particle counter measures air particles as small as .3 microns (size of bacteria) to 2.5 or greater per .01 cubic foot of air
  • Allergens and pathogens like fine dust, bacteria, pollen and mold to larger coarse dust, plant spores, dust mite feces, etc.
  • Samples taken in various areas of the facility to determine overall indoor air quality
  • Very Poor, Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent grades are given

Hand Testing

  • Measures the quality of your hand-hygiene program
  • Hands are checked before and after washing
  • Reveals Passing, Marginal or Failing hand cleaning process