Did You Know?

  • Infection is the #1 cause of death worldwide and #3 cause of death in USA.
  • “Super Bug” mutations are caused by resistance to antibiotics, sterilants, and chemicals.
  • 25 years ago 80% of infections were controlled by antibiotics, today less than 50% of infections are controllable
  • Health problems caused by the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, mold and mildew in living and work areas are ever increasing.
  • Mold is more lethal than asbestos and more prevalent
  • 80% of infections spread by human touch
  • Hi-Touch points that are touched by many people, multiple times per day - Door handles, doors, desks, cleaning equipment, toilets, medical equipment
  • AC ducts, walls, ceilings, beds, bed linen, uniforms, towels, gym equipment, are also reservoirs for health-damaging bacteria
  • Microbial growth is activated by high temperature and moisture
  • Standard cleaning chemicals and protocols are often ineffective and short-lived
  • Chemical residues and dead microbes become food source for mutated, more resistant microbes
  • Professor Vivian Loftness University Professor at Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture studied the cost of dirty air
    • Annual direct cost for illness cause by dirty building air is $745 per employee.
    • Identifies the cost for Presenteeism... At work but out of it. Average employee lost work time due to building-related health conditions 8.97 days per employee
  • 1 in 10 patients contract Hospital Acquired Infections – HAI *
  • 100,000 infection related deaths *
  • $25,000-$30,000 per infection *
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